TEC to handle receiver activation calls

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TEC to handle receiver activation calls

Post by BraveAmethyst on 21/03/10, 12:12 pm

The following message is for Customer Care.
Equipment activation calls for new and replacement receivers on existing accounts will be automatically routed to TEC by the automated phone system (IVR). Previously, these calls were handled by TEC, BGI, and ACE.
Effective March 19
TEC CSRs handling equipment activations will also be able to address potential technical issues that arise during installation. As a result, routing activation calls to TEC will reduce transfer rates, while improving customer satisfaction and first-call resolution.
·         When activating/reactivating receivers, TEC CSRS should use the Add/Replace Receiver option under the Activation Tool in DORIS (path: Quick Links: Activation).
·         Non-TEC CSRS should transfer receiver activation requests to TEC by selecting Technical Services on the Rio phone bar.
See the March 19 What’s New and use the Activation Tool in DORIS (path: Quick Links > Activation).

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