Do not click on the Reactivate

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Do not click on the Reactivate

Post by BraveAmethyst on 09/03/10, 08:12 am

Do not click on the Reactivate button in Rio and do not reactivate a customer from DISC status if they need reinstallation or new equipment.  Clicking on the Reactivate button on the Accounts tab will automatically reactivate an account, even if the CSR does not click the Submit button.  
Effective immediately
If the account has been reactivated, OMS will not allow our Reconnects team to place the order for the customer.  This negatively impacts customer satisfaction and first-call resolution because Reconnects must disconnect the account and ask the customer to call back after 24 hours.  
1.      Confirm your customer is interested in reconnecting their account. 2.      Ask your customer if they will need someone to come to their home to reinstall existing equipment or if they need new equipment installed.   If your customer does need installation or new equipment, note the account and transfer to Reconnects using the Rio phone bar.  Do not reactivate the account prior to transferring the call.   Only click on the Reactivate button if you know your customer has all necessary equipment installed and they are able to see a picture on channel 100.  
Refer to the Activation Tool in DORIS (path: Quick Links: Activation > Reactivate Account).   For a list of reconnect scenarios and the appropriate call-handling actions, see DORIS (path: Promotions & OMS > Other Promotions > Former Customer: Winback).  

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