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Post by BraveAmethyst on 02/10/09, 07:04 am

Dear All, This is to inform you that management has decided to excuse absences of all employees who were expected to report for work on Sept 26, 27 and 28 but failed to do so due to the havoc created by Typhoon Ondoy. To be clear, these absences will not be considered NCNS or unauthorized absence and neither will it be deducted from the employees' vacation or sick leave credits. Since tomorrow is already the deadline to scrub eStart and TKS punches in time for the October 15 payout, the Payroll team will take on the responsibility of ensuring that no deductions will be made for said absences. In this regard, no further action is needed from the TL or Supervisor. However, in case the entries have already been scrubbed in eStart and TKS to reflect VL or SL prior to this announcement, please ensure that this will not be reflected in your official VL and SL tracker regularly submitted to HR Operations. Please be guided accordingly. Thank you. Julie Ann G. Ogayon Director

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