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Sports Credit Handling
The adjustment code 115 can not be used for credit of the sports package if the customers sports service is active on the day that the season started.
The preseason cancellation adjustment code is only valid if the service was physically removed from the account prior to the season start date.

Tag Offers

Ensure that the customers are indeed eligible for the discount/offer from OOM prior to you adding the discount/offer to the account. You may see instances that the offer is available to add to the account in OOM but as many discounts/offers have eligibility requirements you need to review Doris for the offer and determine if this is appropriate to apply to the account. See below about commenting the account when adding disccounts/offers.

Comments when Adding Discounts/Offers

When an action is taken on an account that does not auto-generate a call log then one should be created as Add Comment and then comment the service request with the discount/offer added to the account.
If applying a credit to the account and adding an eligible discount/offer then include in the credit comment about the discount/offer applied as well as the reason for the credit.
Comments when Crediting Equipment Charges as Discretionary Credits
When credit is given to retain the customer as a non CRG agent using adjustment code 180 your credit comment needs to include why this credit was needed on this call. When following Doris heart guidelines and you determine that a discretionary credit is needed to resolve the customers issues then explain in the comment what the customers issue was and why applying the credit was needed. Offering to waive charges towards equipment due to eligible for discretionary credit is incorrect and the comment needs to justify why the credit was needed to the account.

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