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Please ensure that we pay close attention to accounts marked with AT RISK TAG

Failure to offer FREE 3 months of Starz / Showtime for accounts marked with AT RISK TAG merits a YELLOW FLAG.

If the customer's reason for calling involves identifying the applicable offer/s available using the AT RISK TAG, an agent may be scored down in Resolution if no offer was given.

For any other issues, an agent can still get MEETS for Relationship and Resolution but may get a YELLOW Flag if Free Starz / Showtime was not offered.

We may tell our customers "Thank you for doing good business with DirecTV, and I would like you to enjoy free 3 months of Starz/Showtime. Would you like that to be added on your account today?"

This is DirecTV's way of managing churns and it is highly recommended that we provide the offers regardless of the reason they are calling.

Note: Always Check Eligibility. BILLING > Accounts PROMOTIONS & OMS > Competition

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