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Post by BraveAmethyst on 28/08/09, 05:59 am

To be used when the customer's issue was resolved:
"Mr/Ms __________, these are the things that I have done to resolve your issue/s today: (recap)"

To be used if the customer sounds unconvinced of the resolve:
I am confident that your issue has been resolved today. To give you further assurance, please take down my login ID and today's date. That would be (state your login ID)."

To be used when the solution to the issue is a transfer:
"Mr/Ms __________, I want to ensure that your concern will be resolved on this one call, let me connect you to my partner in (state department) so we can address your issue completely. Please stay on the line as I make the connection."

Closing (non-transfer)
"Thank you so much for allowing me to assist you on this one call today"
(choose one below)
* "I noticed you have been with us since (state Activation Effective date), we truly appreciate your business"
* "I know your time is valuable, thank you for giving me a few minutes of that time to resolve your issue(s)"
* "I appreciate your patience while I worked through the issue(s)"
* "We are here to provide you the best customer service we can, 24 hours a day by phone, or by logging in to"
* "Would you have any additional comments or suggestions on how I could have served you better"

"Thank you for choosing DIRECTV, I hope you have a pleasant day/night"

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